A proactive environmental approach

Our activities are guided by customer requirements, by what is technically possible, ecologically reasonable and economically justified. We are committed to pursuing an active environmental work and contribute to a reduced environmental impact.

“Being next door to Europe’s last wildernesses, means that it is even more important for us to take an active responsibility for our work environment and the health of our employees. We decided to invest in environmental work at an early stage and that choice has paid off many times over.”

It is what it is. Some of the materials we work with are not so environmentally friendly, neither for humans or nature, and therefore we can never allow ourselves to be content – our environmental work must always be a work in progress.

In order to take steps in the right direction, we are constantly looking for materials and practices that are better for the environment. Environmental thinking is our focus from the very beginning when we set out to develop new methods and products.

Our business management system adheres to the requirements of ISO9001: 2000, ISO 14001:2004 and AFS 2001:1.