Belt Scrapers

We offer a wide range of modern belt scrapers and accessories for the mining, paper, cellulose and cement industries, and for port and transport, solid fuel plants and food production.

Our scrapers have a unique suspension system with high-tech materials and advanced technical solutions.

Installing new belt scrapers or updating existing scrapers often has a major effect on productivity. Old scrapers frequently cause belt spills to occur due to outdated design or wear, and spills can have negative repercussions on the entire manufacturing process in terms of lost production, negative environmental impacts, safety risks and increased costs to manage waste.

We offer a number of different scrapers that are adapted to different applications: standard scrapers, drum scrapers, scrapers designed for reversible belts, mini-scrapers for confined spaces, scrapers for internal scraping, parabolic scrapers and heat resistant as well as scrapers with heating. Scraper blades are usually made of hard metal or polyurethane for special applications.

We locally design, manufacture, market, install and service belt scrapers, and base our technology and service on one of the world’s most reliable scraping systems, with hundreds of thousands of hours and countless trials worldwide.

Depending on the belt’s shape and speed and the properties of the material – dry, wet, sticky, etc. – we recommend that you to choose from 4 different designs:

  • Standard Scrapers / reversible
  • Satellite Scrapers
  • Drum Scrapers
  • Built-belt scrapers
  • Stabilization Rolls
  • Cleaning brushes

We can provide suggestions for a complete service commitment for your belt scrapers.

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