Drum Scrapers type DE

The Drum Scraper type DE is equipped with a latch that prevents the metal from damaging the pulley or the belt in the event of damage to any part.

The Drum Scraper is installed in the middle of the head pulley or just below. It is a primary scraper which only cleans the belt to about 80 percent. It is therefore necessary to use a secondary drum scraper – a fixed blade scraper that is installed behind the first blade.

All elements can be individually adjusted to fit the profile of the head pulley. There are two types available; ceramic or cemented carbide for more aggressive products. The design of the scraper facilitates a quick and easy replacement of the blades. 

The product is manufactured locally and has an excellent track record. It is patented in South Africa and in some other countries around the world.

  • Primary scraper
  • With elements made from cemented carbide or ceramic
  • Self-adjusting through a torsion element
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for conveyor belts where different thicknesses have been merged
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