Satellite Scrapers

The Satellite Scraper is intended for older belts that are attached in the middle. It has more tension in the middle of the scraper than on the sides.

This scraper is supplied with or without a telescope for easier handling. A telescope is recommended for larger belts. The blade is a replaceable blade made of either cemented carbide or polyurethane. The blade is a solid sheet, which means that it consists of one part only. This makes the replacement and maintenance of the blade faster and much easier. Because of the characteristics of this solid scraper, there is usually no need to install a secondary scraper.

The product is manufactured locally and has an excellent track record. The scraper is patented in South Africa and other countries in the world.

  • Suitable for dry and wet materials
  • Self-adjusting through a torsion element
  • Band friendly thanks to its solid satellite blade
  • Low maintenance
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