Hoses, couplings and Rubber Products

We are the agent in Sweden for Teknikum’s range of rubber products and material handling hoses, among them the best-selling sludge hose, Teknikum Granit.

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Below is a list of our most popular hose and rubber products. Click the plus sign to learn more about each product.

Material handling hoses

We are the agent in Sweden for Teknikum’s range of material handling hoses and rubber products and provide LKAB’s central supply with Teknikum’s Granit sludge hose. We have a full range of hoses of various qualities and dimensions. We can also manufacture and construct according to customer design and requirements.

Trommel screens

With long experience in repairing and maintaining trommel screens, we have developed our own concept using complete stands and screens. Our screens have a longer lifecycle and better processing results. We steer the entire production line within the company, which brings major gains as regards adaptability. GMKAB carries out everything from the production of complete solutions based on the customer’s functionality requirements to repairs and maintenance of existing screens. 

Mill linings

Our engineering workshop in Kiruna stocks a complete range of rubber and rubber/ steel designs for mills. Thanks to our long experience, we can supply turnkey solutions adapted to our customers’ requirements. Coating with rubber, polyurethane, ceramics or special steel considerably extends the lifecycle of the mill lining. Using ceramics generally increases the lifecycle by several multiples compared to conventional materials. We supply mainly to the minerals industry.

Complete driving drums and terminal drums

By replacing conventional steel drums in belt conveyors and similar devices with ceramic or hot vulcanized rubber drums, the lifecycle is extended and stoppages are reduced.

Cyclone components

GMKAB manufactures components for the entire cyclone process. We produce suitable solutions, depending on the function of existing systems and the customer’s requirements. Certain parts can be rubber faced, but the most common coating is polyurethane or ceramic. Ceramic concrete is used above all for large cyclones.

Wear plates

We stock a standard range of wear plates in rubber and ceramics. In addition, we can produce tailor solutions completely to the customer’s needs.

Wear-resistant rubber sheet

We stock and supply a standard range of wear-resistant rubber sheet of different qualities and dimensions. We also supply special qualities of sheet.

Industrial hoses and couplings

We stock a standard range and offers one of Scandinavia’s most complete range of hoses, everything from food hoses to material handling hoses.

Damping equipment

GMKAB has its own production of a number of damping equipment for buckets, ore wagons, impacts, feed hoppers, etc. The dampers are made of steel and polyurethane or rubber. We also tailor products to customer needs.

Drive bushes

We manufacture drive bushes in polyurethane or rubber for use in mills, electric motors, etc.

Industrial diaphragms

Customised solutions for membranes in compressed-air filters, manufactured in rubber and polyurethane.

Cable ramps

At building sites, mines etc., where traffic passes sensitive cables, our cable ramps in polyurethane or rubber provide complete protection.

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